Beck/Drainage Issues

Issue Parish Council Correspondence Reply
Drain outside The Plough Parish Council reported that drainage outside The Plough has not been solved. Request sent 21/06/13 ERYC Have issued another work permit to try and resolve this problem. replied 24/06/13
    In Hayton, the only remedial work carried out was to the drain in front of the Plough. This also had a section missing which was replaced. Hayton have had no flooding issues since this was done
In Burnby the drainage gang spent a full week jetting, tracing and repairing the drains. The blockage outside the church was due to contractors laying an electric cable through the village about ten years ago. They had cut through the drain next to the manhole and simply backfilled the hole, leaving no drain! They had done the same on the inside corner outside the church but this was a minor problem. The main problem turned out to be a central manhole in the middle of the road junction. The road had been built up on top of this manhole to a depth of about 500 mil and of course it was blocked.
All these problems have been sorted out and the drainage system had a good workout last week. Everything worked.
    Beck survey is taking place on Tuesday 21st May from Hayton at 9.00am
Beck Survey

Request for when Beck survey will commence 10/05/13

Request made as to timings so riparian owners can be present.

ERYC will commence Beck Survey week commencing 20/05/13
Camera Survey   25/4/13 Highways emailed to say that Drainage investigation works have been ordered.
Exposed electric wire across the beck   YEDL rang to say that Engineer could find no exposed wiring and that the casing which houses the wire is intact.
Exposed electric wire across the Beck Rung YEDL to report 22/04/13 They sent an Engineer out same day
Exposed Electric Wire across beck Reported on 19th of April to ERYC ERYC replied on 22/04/13 not their responsibility but provide contact details for YEDL
 Beck ownership and responsibility 19/04/13 Request made for list of Riparian owners   
BeckSurvey 18/04/13 Request for member of the public to be present when the survey is undertaken on their land.  
Beck Survey Request for update to Flood Catchment Team 17/04/13 Riparian issues 
ERYC (fcerm) has advised landowner re tree root/branch  removal at bridge culvert over sykes drain   
ERYC (fcerm) to survey  Sykes drain  and Burnby Beck (Burnby/ Hayton) in the coming weeks 

Bridge over Sykes drain at West View 
ERYC (fcerm) to liaise with landowners re clearing upstream approach to bridge. 
ERYC ( bridges team) to inspect bridge structure this year       
Burnby Bridge over Burnby Beck 
ERYC bridges team to arrange for flood arch to be cleared this year. 
Beck Survey Request for update

16/04/13 Telephone calling saying that the management team were looking at the de silting of the Bridge on the west side of Burnby. Approx cost would be £1,000 this needs to be approved before any works undertaken.  Answer within next two weeks.

Beck survey not yet been done hoping to within the next two months.
Beck Survey Request for update

22/03/13 email sent advising Parish Council that an obstruction had been identified. Riparian owner had been informed.

This has now been cleared.
Beck Survey Request for update


Our bridges team is currently investigating  these matters. They may be  in a position to arrange to de silt the blocked arch of the bridge at Beck House  in the next fin year.  This will be subject to adequate funding being available at the time 
 The capacity of the culvert at West View is still being investigated.       
Item 2b. I now believe that the full width of the Sikes drain (incl both banks) is in a single ownership that is not Yorkshire Water. I am due to contact the relevant land owner in the near future to progress this matter.       
Beck Survey Email requesting written confirmation to undertake survey of the Beck. 13/02/13 confirmation agreement to undertake survey of the Beck.
Beck Survey 30/11/12 Email from Cllr Rudd ask Village Task force team to look into the issue, and report back on village walkabout issues 30/11/12 Replied that this had been passed on to the Hightways dept as it was to big a issue for the village task force.

Notes of meeting held 17th January 2013 regarding flooding and drainage within the Hayton and Burnby.


Present:  Cllr Bettison, Cllr Nicholson, Cllr Sedcole, Cllr Nicholson, Cllr Thackeray, Cllr Wagstaff.

 ERYC Councillor Symon Fraser, Ward Councillor David Rudd.

 Highways rep. Paul Robinson, Catchment Drainage Engineer. Martin Clarke, Environment Agency rep. Ian Cook,  

Richard Wood Clerk to Pocklington.

Apologies from the Drainage Board.


Before any work in Burnby can be carried out on the drains, who has responsibility and ownership has to be determined.

Cllrs pointed out that the drains have been flushed a number of times in Hayton however this has not resolved the problem.  Councillors had shown Jim McGiven of the village task force where they believed the blockage was (where the pavement dropped, they believed it could of crushed the drain) However Paul Robinson said that the problem was actually a Willow Tree in Roman Garth, again a camera survey would confirm this. Yorkshire Water has confirmed this.  (Clerk to try and find out what can be done about this)

A camera survey of the drains is the best way of finding out where if any blockages are.

Paul Robinson agreed to carry out such a survey, but this would have to be undertaken in the dryer weather period for the cameras to work. Basic survey £60 Parish Council could pay this, However Paul Robinson would see if a fuller survey could be done within his budget.

Email from Paul since saying that a week’s work has been scheduled for this task.

Paul Robinson can confirm the type of drains and who’s responsibility they are by looking at either historical maps (when they were laid and by who) decides this or by either digging a section of soil away to look at the type of joint on the drain.  Cllr Nicholson offered to help dig this to confirm the type depending if it was on his land.

Paul Robinson to liaise with Clerk.

How any work is paid for and by who will be decide once all results are in.

Martin Clarke said that they had the legal power to walk down the beck and survey it for problems.  They would also determine who was responsible for each section and who was responsible for payment of any work.  They could also enforce payment of any work undertaken.

He would undertake the survey when water levels have dropped and all the outlet pipes could be seen.  Agreed to survey all bridges for silt levels in both directions from Hayton. Hayton to Burnby and Hayton to Bielby.  Highways are responsible for clear silt from under the bridges.

Martin Clarke confirmed that he would also look at the small beck near the Old Blacksmiths along with Paul Robinson to see what could if anything be done to ease the flow of water at this bottle neck.