Hayton and Burnby Parish Council

A Neighbourhood watch Group has recently been set up in Hayton and Burnby Parish.

Read the latest bulletin from the co-ordinator below. Links to previous bulletins and advice about crime prevention can be found at the bottom of this page.


Dear Residents                                                                                  March 2018 – bulletin 1

Local Crime Report and Prevention

  • Humberside Police report a phone scam – purports to be from HMRC before trying to trick vulnerable victims to pay bogus debts/taxes – they claim will be arrested if you don’t pay.
  • The local Crime Prevention Panel, in conjunction with Police and Neighbourhood Watch representatives and perhaps Parish Councils, are looking at a Community Led Action Plan initiative to prioritise local issues aimed at reducing the fear of crime and increasing self-sustainability of safe communities in East Riding. It would look at local crime issues affecting our everyday lives regardless of crime figures or police focus. I will advise on developments.

The Herbert Protocol

  • This is a national scheme to help families, friends, neighbours or carers of elderly people suffering with dementia or other issues that can leave them confused, lost or disorientated.
  • The idea is to have information prepared beforehand which includes details of likely places meaningful to the individual that may help to speed up a search.
  • You can download the documentation from www.humberside.police.uk/herbert-protocol.

Advice from National Neighbourhood Watch

  • Phantom Debt Fraud – the fraud involves being cold-called by a debt collector, bailiff or other enforcement agent saying they are recovering a supposed debt - payment to be by cash or bank transfer with threat of arrest if refused - protect yourself by making vigorous checks (e.g. case/warrant number, name of court and all other details/identity check).


  • Flight Ticket Fraud – victims booking via websites or “popular” brokers report after paying by bank or wire transfer, their tickets turn out to be counterfeit and the seller cannot be contacted - fraudsters target travellers to African nations and Middle East - you have no protection if paying by bank transfer.


  • School Fraud – several schools have suffered substantial loss recently – the fraudster purports to be the Head Teacher/Principal and contacts staff with responsibility for financial transactions asking for a one-off urgent payment by bank transfer (normally £8K - £10K) – there should be robust procedures in place to corroborate/challenge such requests to change supplier or payment details – sensitive info posted publicly or disposed of carelessly can be used by fraudsters – email addresses can be spoofed to look like from a legitimate source – do not click on links or open attachments of unexpected or unusual emails.


Robert Mills


Dear Residents                                                                       December 2017 – bulletin 9

Crime reports

  • Pocklington has had its regular share of vandalism and breaking in to vehicles/property but nothing reported in our villages. Much publicity for another cash machine stolen.
  • Farm equipment stolen from a field near Melbourne; JCB stolen from Yapham.
  • Cars damaged in Warter and North Dalton.

Police and Crime Commissioner’s meeting with the local Crime Prevention Panel (CPP)

  • Keith Hunter (PCC) and the CPP (chaired by John Brown, ex Woldgate School head) met at the end of October and had a wide-ranging discussion on the way ahead for policing in our area. The outcome is too detailed to reproduce here but many of the issues arising out of changes introduced over recent years appear to be being addressed with a new approach through fresh eyes.

Scam reports – local

  • From “Amazon……your payment has been declined.…..the issuing bank may have declined the charge if ……details don’t match their information……please update the payment information for your order.” As usual, printing this message shows it is not from Amazon. 

Advice from National Neighbourhood Watch

  • Payment Diversion fraud – fraudsters are taking advantage of Common Agricultural Policy payments to be paid to farmers in December. They request that you change your details so that the payment can be diverted to an account controlled by the fraudster. Contact may be by phone, letter or email. Beware!


  • On-Line Shopping fraud - (a) check the web address is genuine; (b) web pages for entering personal/financial details should display a locked padlock and an address beginning “https://”;  (c) phishing – don’t click on attachments or links within unsolicited emails; (d) 65% of fraud reports are linked to on-line auction sites – don’t pay by bank transfer unless you know and trust the recipient (bank transfer offers no fraud protection).


  • Employment Fraud - jobseekers are being targeted by people trying to obtain personal or bank details, or requesting money to secure accommodation. This may be when registering on job hunting or Student Room sites. They may be asked to complete interview or application forms and supply bank/personal details and identity documents. They may be invited for interview (could be in person or over the phone) to make it look legitimate. The answer is to take care, research well and do not pay advance fees.


Finally, I hope the bulletins have been useful to you - feedback is always welcome. Please have a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Robert Mills                                                     

All contact to Co-ordinator please:

Robert Mills (tel: 07710 316704 or email: r.mills397@btinternet.com)

If unavailable, please contact Deputy Co-ordinator:

Carol Gray (tel: 07825 779774 or email: thehagues1@hotmail.com)


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